Nature sounds – energizer for your soul

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Nature sounds can be separated in two main groups: first one includes the sounds produced by animals, while the second consists of sounds produced by natural phenomena such as weather and meteorological occurrences.

During the history, sounds of nature, especially animal sounds, have been objects of imitation of tribal people (and even of devotion when they have been related to their belief systems). Even today imitation of nature sounds is used in many shamanic rituals and healing techniques.

Apart from that, sounds of nature have many positive effects on humans. Being in nature, surrounded by pure acoustics of the environment, gives a feeling of overwhelming calm that is hard to experience in urban surroundings. Get the whole story »

Thunderstorm sounds will charge you with pure energy

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Natural phenomena have the ability to attract full attention of all living beings. Acting in cycles, nature is constantly repeating and showing its universal powers, causing the strongest fascination for humans since the beginning of the mankind. All native and ancient people have mythologies firmly connected with many different occurrences in the nature.

Probably the most mythologized natural phenomenon is thunder or thunderstorm. Ancient Romans related thunders with the god of war Jupiter, who hurled lighting bolds forged by Vulcan. First Christians accepted the ideas of Aristotle that fierce storms were the work of God. Native Americans associated thunderstorms with the Thunderbird. According to their rich mythology, this bird is a servant of the Great Spirit. Get the whole story »

Sound of rain: The poetry of the nature

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In his masterpiece novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” the famous Columbian writer Gabriel Garcia Marques wrote an unforgettable passage about a man who built a special aluminum roof over his new house only to listen to the sound of rain while making love with his wife.

Even if they have no empirical facts about the effects that rain sounds produce in human behavior, great artists as Marques have the intuitive power to accept, experience, and to transform the art of the nature into great pieces of human made art. Making love while the sound of rain is caressing you – that is something!

However, it is not only this connection to the sound of rain, of course. There are numerous soothing effects on a human mind initiated by a rain sound. Get the whole story »

Fire sound will connect you with your true being

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Everyone has experienced a feeling of being near a campfire somewhere in the nature, and everyone knows how relaxing it can be. Everything becomes more friendly and positive, people become closer, more connected, and the souls of people become widely open for the beauty of living. Deep feelings are coming out from people’s true beings, often expressed through some nice song sung by the whole company around the fire. Actually that is one of the greatest hits in human history: a folk song with a melody of a fire in background!

In addition, the fireplace sounds in a house brings feelings of deep intimacy, safety and soulful experience of being alive. This is the best rest after a busy day in the urban jungle. Get the whole story »

Cat sounds: The purring symphony that can heal you

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Among all sounds produced by the nature, animal sounds are most characteristic and original. Produced by living beings, especially when they are not aggressive, these sounds have a specific influence on human physical and psychological state.

The most famous and loved animal sound is purring. It is made by all species of felids (generally know as cats). There are many studies about cat sounds, and although it is not completely clear why and how cats are purring, some common points have been validated.

For example, it is proven that while purring, domestic cats produce a sound frequency of 25 to 150 vibrations per second. This relaxing sound induces brainwave entraining eliminating stress factors, the “noise” of the chaotic thoughts and is helping to harmonize people’s inner being. Get the whole story »