Sound Composition: Anza

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3. Adjust balance

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4. Adjust continuity

If you want the sound volume to fluctuate instead of playing continuously, click on a drop-down box with a green line and choose one of interrupted lines.

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3. Choose the length of the file

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4. Save the file

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Files are saved in OGG format. If your media player does not support it, you can convert it to MP3.

This composition contains sounds from the following sources:

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salonso Fantastico!!!
Before 239d 7h
Pollypocket123 I love these sounds! So relaxing! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before 376d 7h
Lilly01 has anyone notice that its thundering but there's no rain
Before 468d 5h
SnowLeo /images/users/avatars/001/415/693/G oksaKroda_original.JPG
Before 664d 7h
Mehregan11 hi
Before 860d 5h
andromedaunbound I am overwhelmed at the response to this piece! I composed this under another login that I can't even remember any more! kezzajay2 - It's called Anza because when I lived in there it had a wolf rescue & I this was my way of remembering that!
Before 914d 11h
Krayola Wonderful to sleep to.
Before 988d 21h
javimaya Tormenta_en_llanura si que es buena xD escuchadla!
Before 1002d 13h
PaulEliot check out gilgobeach, and rainyseasonsong
Before 1047d 12h
shawnfalcon Lets go trick or treating
Before 1059d 4h
rpp904 It's awesome, but maybe the wolf would be grater if it wasn't too loud
Before 1115d 5h
bergemannreza its okay
Before 1264d 1h
peaceonearth this gives me nightmares
Before 1277d 20h
onehungrydino I love wolves!
Before 1357d 5h
matt520 o.O Very good
Before 1405d 2h
mffaswan very nice
Before 1434d 0h
ykram i go speak dutch: hallo ja dit is de enige manier om in te loggen ja dus ik ga via hier de site op :)!!
Before 1454d 14h
tunnasch So beautiful, and great for studying. Thank you!
Before 1510d 22h
Andres08 If I will make documentary than sound will be from this site.
Before 1518d 21h
skydraios Nice, check my website also it's only one page, but the sounds are relaxing :)
Before 1547d 16h
gzaldua Fantastic.............. thanks for sharing
Before 1565d 4h
violet it's amazing
Before 1568d 12h
akros78 ta chivo, siiiiii
Before 1570d 8h
akros78 ta chivo, siiiiii
Before 1570d 8h
Ducker realy nice
Before 1579d 14h
silentbuddha This site is good to for a list of online relaxing sound sites
Before 1587d 17h
silentbuddha This site is good to for a list of online relaxing sound sites 11/03/free-relaxing-sounds-online.h tml
Before 1587d 17h
myisuru2004 this is good ...
Before 1588d 10h
kistochka937 I like this
Before 1597d 5h
mentallyakid Make sure to visit for deep relaxation!!!! The site is so fun that you will loose touch with reality really quick!!
Before 1598d 6h
Susan1727 Soothing to sleep by.
Before 1613d 23h
DanielleMonica I can see why this one is so popular!
Before 1622d 0h
kezzajay2 Why is it called Anza? It's really cool - I like it
Before 1624d 7h
waryr1 I like this one
Before 1674d 5h
Outthere Nice one, well done!
Before 1675d 5h
happyart my dog howls like this
Before 1779d 18h