Sound Composition: rain sounds

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Ahh, the soothing sound of rain! And the gentle creek bubbling makes it even better. Listen and enjoy!

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In last 10 days this sound composition has been listened to by 110 listeners.

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4. Adjust continuity

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This composition contains sounds from the following sources:

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All comments

rough3659 Just wonderful!
Before 289d 12h
vetgirl1024 i prefer it a little quieter,
Before 356d 2h
jasongerm easy rain
Before 399d 8h
lildj Btw guys if someone here looking for some sound effects for ur music , I usually use this pack : t-samples-packs/269-era-of-space-so unds.html
Before 540d 13h
mbselc خیلی زیبا بود
Before 561d 13h
busiwuxie 很赞的声音
Before 569d 21h
abele2017 This is perfect for meditation! translate spanish to english
Before 630d 15h
JKroubi Different people have different feelings, this is the beauty of the sound, rather than the film can be compared
Before 740d 17h
jiji2663 عالی بود.دست شما درد نکنه
Before 827d 14h
TheFunkyChicken Awesome. Being able to stream the sounds means that the computer monitor can sleep... and you can make your own mix too! Thanks :)
Before 903d 20h
littlequeen1972 I love this site!! Helps me relax, meditate and sleep soundly!! The fact I can customize it is awesome!!
Before 976d 9h
jmhernandez I love this music for doing my work
Before 1020d 14h
ringo85 this is super coooool for meditation
Before 1116d 21h
Trulylatino This rain sound helps me relax and fall asleep. It reminds me of my own country (P.R.) where it rains often.
Before 1169d 18h
PaulEliot gilgobeach is the bomb
Before 1273d 18h
taniaiorio bello!
Before 1288d 0h
yohhon It's raining here now :-) suppose to rain all weekend,this sounds better. nice
Before 1515d 5h
hooshmand بسیار عالی
Before 1559d 7h
rezakhann فوقالعادس
Before 1616d 5h
Mono-1 This is nice and relaxing but you could turn the sound down some and it would be perfect.
Before 1667d 6h
jimjimboaz1 I listen to it doing exercises for my rotator cuff
Before 1741d 22h
Kinho I'm meditating right now by it!
Before 1774d 23h
Kinho Loved it!
Before 1774d 23h
Robbie I fell asleep to this last night, it felt like I was sitting under a tree by a creek in the sun. sounds weird when I write it, but that's how it felt.
Before 1836d 0h
Trulylatino I listen to it on my sofa, & In no time I just fall... Zzzz.
Before 1841d 13h
firefly360 Very well done
Before 1887d 7h
sujit U r the MAN
Before 2022d 17h
fleeting where are u from?
Before 2134d 10h
fleeting hii like rain
Before 2134d 10h
nshundonn Am I the only one who doesn't want a White Dress?
Before 2137d 4h
Nicole1993 Not sure what the comment below is about, lol... But awesome composition :)
Before 2138d 1h
nshundonn Help me choose my dress!!
Before 2144d 22h