Sound Composition: Fall Rainstorm

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How to use Sound Mixer

1. Choose a sound

In order for nature sounds to start playing choose a sound from drop-down box for one channel and drag the volume slider up.

2. Add more sounds

You can add more nature sounds to composition by choosing other sounds in other channels.

3. Adjust balance

Pan the channel (with horizontal slider) to the left or to the right for stereo effects.

4. Adjust continuity

If you want the sound volume to fluctuate instead of playing continuously, click on a drop-down box with a green line and choose one of interrupted lines.

Save sounds composition as a link

1. Create a composition

Create sounds composition that you like.

2. Click on "Save as Link"

Click on the button "Save as Link" (on the lower part of the Sound Mixer).

3. Enter some details

You will need to enter the name for your composition (part of the link), your email address (later used to claim authorship) and a confirmation that you are not a robot :).

4. Launch the link

After saving the composition as a link, you and everyone else will be able to listen to it just by going to a link similar to this one:

Export sounds composition to a file

1. Create a composition

Create sounds composition that you like.

2. Click on "Export to File"

Click on the button "Export to File" (on the lower part of the Sound Mixer).

3. Choose the length of the file

Choose the length of the file and click "Next". You will need to wait some time until sound file is prepared.

4. Save the file

Click "Save The File" and enter the name for your file.

Files are saved in OGG format. If your media player does not support it, you can convert it to MP3.

This composition contains sounds from the following sources:

You'll need Adobe Flash Player with version of atleast 9.0.47 to launch the sound mixing tool. Click on the button to install it. Get Adobe Flash player

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azheng2010 good onei like it
Before 2404d 13h
firefly360 City_Kitty very hot. Appreciate this composition, very good job!
Before 2504d 2h
PaulEliot other than mine best I've heard
Before 2536d 16h
City_Kitty perfect ... lovely. rain often comes in waves, like many things.... :-)
Before 2948d 13h
rpp904 The sounds cut are very abrupt for me, could be better. And the rain shouldn't stop at no time.
Before 3001d 21h
neetisvaghela nice..:D
Before 3242d 15h
villametro809 noche de pasion
Before 3431d 20h
palarry Nice job!
Before 3591d 11h
maartulis Nice sound :)
Before 3691d 8h