Sound Composition: Ocean Scape

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A little mermaid magic; a day at the ocean's shore with a crackling fire, gulls floating past on the wind's currents, & chimes ringing on the bough of a distant tree.

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JKroubi In the beach cabin, really few people have a quiet ah, reminds me of my holiday time.dadadadada
Before 617d 23h
MusicalGL I Love it!
Before 1039d 16h
Czar Try N. American Flute instead of wind chimes, then it's really fantastic!
Before 1166d 16h
salonso Es hermnoso y super relajante......
Before 1386d 10h
steveblessinrockhill a little less waves crashin and a bit more fire cracklin for me, many thanks !
Before 1984d 17h
sprnvo it s very nice!
Before 2608d 19h
K-fam The sounds of ocean are so relaxing.
Before 2614d 4h